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Two centuries of fashion and textile design

Author: Museo del Tessuto
Room: abiti e accessori


<speak>The Exposition organized in London in 1851 gave rise to a reflection on industrial products. The need for higher quality, similar to craftsmanship, emerged. Educating new designers became essential to improve future textiles. For this reason, publications and directories useful for knowledge of styles, such as the printed illustration on the left side, became widespread. Here the most famous decorative textile structures of the ancient tradition are faithfully reproduced. In women's clothing, the success of shawls of <voice language="fr-FR">cachemire</voice>, imported from India since the late 18th century in square and rectangular shapes, continues. Sometimes these shawls are made in patterns suited to the needs of European audiences, as is evident in the unique dress called <voice language="fr-FR">"Visite"</voice> on the right side. The "Visite" is a feminine jacket intended for outdoor outings, modeled with wide sleeves and edged with a refined chenille fringe made in the colors of the fabric. We now turn behind the shrine.</speak>

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