How it works!

inQuadro is a web audio guide that uses artificial intelligence to recognize works of art by framing them with your phone's camera. Museums and managers of cultural heritage can easily make their collections usable in this way.

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Choose the city where you are on our portal and discover all the collections and museums where you can use our audio guide for free.

Select the Museum / Opera

Have you chosen the museum? Have you already paid for the ticket and would like to have a simple and informative interactive guide? Open the museum page, find the location or consult the available works.

Frame the Artwork

Here we are! Click on the "Frame the artwork" button on the mobile application. Focus the camera on the artwork and listen to the audio guide!

Listen to the audio guide

The information on frame is provided by authoritative sources: from Wikipedia or from the Ministry's general catalog of cultural heritage. Check your credits !

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