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Two centuries of fashion and textile design

Author: Museo del Tessuto
Room: abiti e accessori


<speak>Here we dwell on a large fabric with doves on the right. In this historical period, colors range from pastel shades to the bolder hues of Pompeian decorations. France launched the first technical innovations in silk. For example, Philippe de <sub alias="Lasàl">Lasalle</sub> of Lyon invents a device for programming the execution of a pattern, which will pave the way for the development of the Jacquard loom presented in Paris in 1801. The fabric with doves, made in Lyon, exemplifies this production and the style of <sub alias="Lasàl">Lasalle</sub>. Its large size is suitable for furniture. Its decorative structure is designed so that it can be customized with embroidery designs, but also with pencil and tempera as in this case. We now proceed to the second display case.</speak>

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